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紫外線殺菌空氣消毒燈 (第二代優化版)
UV Germicidal Lamp Air Sterilizer 

紫外線 C 波段具優越殺菌效能,直接近距離照射,可於1分鐘內消滅 99.99% 微生物包括細菌、病毒及霉菌。

應用場合 : 室內場所應用於醫院、學校、工作間及家居

By emitting 253.7nm ultraviolet light with excellent germicidal effect, the lamp kills 99.99% microorganisms including bacteria, virus and fungi within 1 minute under direct closed light exposure.

Application: Indoor used at hospitals, schools, offices and homes


  • CE & CCC 認證

  • 無化學品

  • 無煙

  • 無嗅

  • 高效率、低能耗

  • 採用高純石英管及添加稀土於發光粉末

  • 採用無臭氧燈管,可於人及植物共存空間使用

  • 帶紫外線遮光板,避免直接照射眼睛及皮膚

  • 配置雙抽氣扇形成強制通風

  • 遙控操作方便使用及增加操作距離


  • CE & CCC Approval

  • Non-Chemical

  • No Fume

  • No Smell

  • High efficiency with low consumption

  • Adopt high-purity quartz tubes with rare earth compounds added into the electronic powder for efficient emission

  • Adopt non-Ozone lamp tube.  Could be operated at human and plate co-work space.

  • Protective blinders for UV light to prevent direct exposure on eyes and skin

  • Forced air circulation with dual ventilation fans

  • Remote control for convenience and extend operation distance

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