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一站式禮品、印刷品、橫額設計及印刷 是奔邁實業有限公司旗下提供一站式宣傳及紀念品訂造的機構。提供設計、印刷、製作及物流送貨服務。

產品系列包括橫額及印刷品設計及印製、紀念品製作 (例如: memo pad、掛繩、獎牌、獎盃、亞加力膠製品等等)。

​ 提供電子滅蚊燈及潔手器,為客戶解決蚊患,保持環境衛生。

​, managed by Sinomac Enterprise Limited, providing design service.  Our product range including banner and printing design, souvenir design and production.  With added value logistics service, we offer one-stop total solution for the customer.

​ supply electronic insect exterminator and automatic dispenser to various organization to maintain environmental hygiene.

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